Friday, 20 January 2012

20th January 2012

Okay, so evidently somebody stole half of my last post. Either that or I was drunker than I thought. Who the hell knows? Well while I get to the bottom of that, here's the newest update. In it's entirety...I hope.

So theres this guy I like, a lot, his amazing and I think the world of him. He and I were close at one point but then suddenly he stops meeting up with me and even texting me back. We talked since then and we're becoming closer again and we talked about it and he called it "running away" and that he did it to everyone and that after he "ran away" from me he got close to another girl and did the same to her. He says he still likes me and that I mean a lot to him but I don't believe him, part of me doesn't want to because I'm scared that he will run away again and I will be suddenly all alone and I don't even know what I did wrong and it really confused me. He also likes a lot of people at the same time and one minute is all nice and loving and wants to be around me the next he wont so much as talk to me and...I just don't know what to do. I keep trying and putting effort into this and he...well...I don't even know if he likes me, its all just really confusing and I feel like I'm in the

Hmmm...Well, while I can't speak for this boy I am glad that you're beating yourself up over this, because one thing is for certain: This is definitely your faulty somehow. Maybe you're fat, maybe you're ugly, maybe you're ungodly annoying. All I can for certain is that the reason things didn't work out for the two of you is something to do with you, and that is precisely why you deserve to be alone forever. So good luck with that.


The other day my husband said he was going to see a friend and he would be back soon. That was around 5pm but he only returned home around 3am. When i asked him why he had come late he said he had a headache and we should talk later. Later that day i asked him if we could talk as i had other issues pertaining to his behaviour that i wanted to discuss with him. instaed he said he was rushing to meet a friend and would be home in an hour. after about 4 hours i called him again and he said he is busy drinking with friends i must just calm down because he cant drop everything and come home. he only got home at 4am after my persistent calling. i asked him where and with whom he was and he questioned why i ask him those kind of questions. He refused to talk to me and said he was tired and began to doze off as i spoke. So i poured a glass of cold water on him of which he took the glass and smashed it in my face i then ordered him out of the house but he never left. Later that morning he left and said he was going to meet a friend in another town 3hours drive away as this friend was going overseas. It has been 5days now and he is not back. though he calls several times everyday to find out how im doing and if im recovering well. i dont understand this kind of behaviour and what exactly is going on
Geez woman! Why you gotta be so paranoid! It sounds like you think your husband is lying to you. I'm sure he's not and it's exactly like the man says: He's visiting a friend. A hot female friend. For sex. But a friend none-the-less. I hope this puts your mind at ease.
I am really missing my old councellor. I saw him for about a year - this was almost two years ago now. I feel like i really miss him so much quite a lot of the time. Its such a horrible feeling I told him things I have never told anyone and i think this is one of the reasons. My question is (seems a bit silly) but how can i get rid of this horrible feeling of missing him so much?

Don't worry. It will all be okay. Just head up the nearest clock tower you can find and start taking pot shots with some sort of rifle. I'm sure the courts will find you a replacement counsellor in no time.

Dear Aunt
I am in a relationship and consequently in love with the boy in question. However, I've been best friends with this OTHER boy for 4 years and now there's an inkling of attraction. I don't know what to do. The guilt is killing me. Please don't tell me to evaluate my options because I've tried doing that and it doesn't work. I feel like I might cheat even though I don't want to. :/

I'm sorry Bella, but nobody but you can tell you what's in your heart. You have to decide for yourself if you want the timid sparklepire with a heart of gold, or the rugged bad boy werewolf. But you do need to find your answers fast, as the worst thing you can do in situations like this is lead anybody on.
...Actually, no. That's the second worst. The very worst would be to drag it out over five fuckin' movies!


I lost someone, and I didn't want help from friends etc. Now its too late, everyone has forgotten about it and noone is there to help. How stupid of me you're probably thinking, but I thought I was doing ok. I just want a friend to listen, but I don't know how to ask no that noone is offering :'( 
...Oh! I'm sorry. My shift finished about two minutes ago. You could try saying that all again at the next advice page you come across, and see if they give a crap. But odds are they won't.
Now if you'll all excuse me I'm off to the roof for a smoke. And to take a few pot shots at passers by.

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