Friday, 28 September 2012

28th September 2012

So I got very very drunk and decided that I should probably read some more mail, answer some more questions and put out another update. God damn it! When will I learn?!

I have had feelings for a work colleague for a long time and I have so far failed to get over her. I knew that nothing could happen between us and in the likely event she would reject me I would have felt nothing but awkwardness. We got along very well and I didn't want to jeopardise a good friendship. Now she has left our workplace and I feel awful just knowing that I won't see her again as she has moved far away as well. Before I attempted asking someone else out at work in an effort to get over her who declined and now goes out with another work colleague making me feel even worse. I know it is cliché but I can't fathom having feelings for anyone else, at least not for a little while. To be honest I think I just need reassuring that I will not feel this way for too long so I don't know if I am wasting your time but nonetheless thank you in advance. 

Yeah…About that…! I’d love to tell you this feeling will pass, but when I got swore in as an agony uncle I had to take a vow to always be honest.
So I’m afraid you’ll never stop feeling this way, so break out the hard liquor, Linkin Park and Razor blades and stop wasting my time so I can help some people who there is actually still some hope for.