Saturday, 31 December 2011

31st December 2011

Sorry about the late update, folks. I'm combating yet another virus here at the Dear Jimmy headquarters. I know, I know! That'll teach me to stream badly dubbed German hardcore pornography on work's computers. But in my defence, once you've seen 'Das Butt' there is no pornography that's worth watching other than badly dubbed German hardcore pornography.

There's this guy I've been seeing on and off for almost a year now. We tried the whole dating thing but it didn't work out because I was moving too fast for him. We stopped talking for a bit but then decided to become friends with benefits. The thing is I still have feelings for him and would like him to be more that just my sex buddy. At the moment I'm playing him at his own game and keeping him at arms length. I say when and where and if we have sex at all. (Its how he treated me when we were dating) we've been like this for the past 3 months and now things seem different. He's asking to see me all the time and calls me when he's drunk to tell me how much I mean to him. The thing is when he's sober he blames his actions on the alcohol and says he's only telling me what he thinks I want to hear. I'm done with pretending I don't care about him and I want us to try again. But how can I be sure that he feels the same? Does he even like me at all, or is he just in it for the sex? They say actions speaker louder than words, and so far from his actions I feel like he doesn't want to put himself out there because he's scared of getting hurt. I don't want to either because I've been hurt before (by him no less) I can't see myself confessing my true feelings for him until I'm sure he feels the same way. How can I find out how he's feeling without revealing my true feelings for him? I don't want to get hurt again.

Okay, now I admit I'm an agony uncle, and not a consulting detective, but using all the detective prowess I picked up from watching both Sherlock Holmes movies and twenty minutes of an old Jeremy Brett 'Casebook' episode I would infer from the fact that he has told you he only wants sex, only tells you otherwise when he's drunk and horny, and admitted, many times, when he's sober he's saying what you want to hear so he doesn't want to lose the chance to have sex with you that he only wants you for sex. Elementary, my dear retard!
I've come back to the uk for a short holiday and to catch up with friends. One of the friends has always been a bit wild and her life is constant amusement for us all because it's always risky business and sexual exploits, great entertainment really.
This time however she was being very secretive and I've found out why, she's totally crossed the line.
A guy she'd had a brief fling with years ago, who is now married with kids, she's been meeting him once a month for a hook up. This is on top of several others that she does this with.
I'm angry and disappointed that she's been behaving this way. She's also been going to a swingers club. I'm worried for her but I don't know if I should bother to remain friends because I just find this last act in the play that is her life, to be, frankly, disgusting.
Am I over reacting?

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Bitch! So let me get this straight: For years you've lived your life through your friend because you were too much of a pussy to go out and get laid yourself. Encouraging the behaviour. But now that you personally find something she's done doesn't mesh with your little prudish ideals and isn't one of your fantasies that you want to write this alleged friend off?
My advice is that next time, instead of indirectly wrecking someone's life you stick to porn. But only the classy stuff with a storyline. I'd hate for you to find it disgusting!

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