Monday, 1 December 2008

H? C? Where's L?

Well here we go with another episode of 'Dear Jimmy', as I shine a small ray of hope upon another group of otherwise hopeless losers. Subject of losers....

Basically i've been chasing after this girl called Amy for roughly four months and I think I've fallen in love with her, she broke up with her boyfriend about the time i took an interest in her so naturally when i asked her out she said she "wasn't ready for a commitment yet" then assured me that it wasn't me it was her. So I gave her, her space but literally Yesterday I discovered that she has a new boyfriend and when i confronted her about it she says that she "never knew I felt so stongly" towards her but i made it clear that i liked her in that way. But what makes it worse is that she has chosen to go out with a complete jackass, the guy Stefan is just such an idiot, he has these "random sex facts" which I'll admit are pretty funny but can be pretty disgusting, he's also a complete fatass the dude weighs like 17 stone at 16 years old and he's just generally annoying. So what should I do? should i wait for her to see what I see about him? should I intervene? or what should I do?

Y'know, if Stefan is as bad as you make him out to be then that must make you a total loser for losing out to him. The fact that you fell for the whole 'it's not you it's me spiel' leads me to think this is the case. But don't worry, here's what you should do: Aim low. Really low! Aim so low that becoming gay and asking Stefan out is a step up from what you actually end up dating.
I currently rent a 2 bedroom apartment in my home town, which I share with my friend H. H moved in about 6 months ago, after a short friendship of 3 months. Once H moved in, we became very close, always out with one another, eating out, having nights in etc. Then I met my boyfriend C. Since me meeting C, I have really tried not to alter mine and H's relationship, but obviously I have not been able to spend every minute with her now. But I think I do a good balance between the both of them!I am now looking at buying a house, under the impression that H would move it with me. However, she has obviously done some thinking and has decided not to move in because C will be around quite a bit, which admittedly he will be. It just seems so hard to have a nice evening in with the both of them, as there is an unbearable silence, or she will walk out an spend the evening on the phone. It's making me feel uncomfortable in my own home and I'm starting to think it's for the best if she doesn't move in with me. Am I being harsh or is she being unfair and how I should handle it?

You don’t like H because she makes you feel uncomfortable in your own home (personally I don’t like H because of the god awful music he released in his ‘Steps’ days, but unto each their own) and she doesn’t want to move into your next home. Sounds to me like the problem has solved itself to me. And all without me having to recycle the ‘Death note’ reference.


i want to get a girlfriend go on dates get married have kids and grandkids etc thats what i want to do so so muchbut...the only thing that turns me on and i mean onlyis menhow do i stop this? i wouldnt even think about having a relationship with a mani dont want to feel these feelings, is there a way to isolate or get rid of them?

Electroshock therapy? Chemical castration? Other than that no. You’re attracted to dudes and there’s nothing you can do about it. The GOOD news is that this is 21st century and so you will not be locked up in prison developing your Razor sharp sense of irony and end up writing timeless classics like Oscar Wilde. Hell here in the 21st century you could be attracted to fish, cars or household appliances and there’d still be a million sites on the internet catering to your fetish.


My boyfriend is always asking me 2 talk dirty 2 him about me sleeping with other men. Not when i wasnt with but now. He likes me 2 pretend 2 have slept with different men when i last have gone on a night out. It makes me wonder if he cares about me as i could never get turned on by the thought of him cheating on me. Is this a normal male fantasy? I'd love 2 get a male view point on this as well as some other females. Thanks x

Well it does sound unusual to me, but unto each their own. At least he’s not asking you to dress up as a fish, or a microwave or something. But if you really care for this man I suggest you become a prostitute. That way not only can you regale him with tales of your street walking exploits but will have some extra cash to buy him presents, such as the penicillin he’ll need to clear up all the STD’s you’ll be passing along to him (Tell him to think of them as extra little presents).

Well, that's it from me. I'm off to peruse those Fish fetish sites...For the purposes of research. Honest.

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