Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Oh, millenium!

..because nothing says I'm 'down with the kids' and current trends like a Robbie Williams reference. Word. But seriously, I made it. a thousand hits. They said I wouldn't. They said I was mad. They tried to sent Tommy Lee Jones to stop me, forcing me to jump off a waterfall-- Okay a fugitive reference now? I better get to some letters before I make anymore dated 90's references.So let's go....

My name is Amanda and I'm a single 25 year old woman residing in Alaska. I've been with my boyfriend a little over 3 months. I said I love you a couple weeks ago and he said that he couldn't say it because he wasn't ready and he doesn't know what love is.
That hurts. no one wants to say I love you and not hear it in return. I think he does love me, I see it in the way that he looks at me and holds me and wants to be with me a lot. We have a great time together. He has said it a couple times when he was drunk but he won't say it besides that.
I want to be with him but it's been like 3 weeks since I said it and I don't know how long I should wait to hear it back. I think when he started dating me he didn't expect to like it this much and he had plans to travel and not settle down right away and if he says he loves me then it makes it that much more of a committment to walk away from.
I don't know though, and an outside perspective would certainly be appreciated.

You're a needy bitch who only said 'I love you' because you needed to hear it back and thought you would. there's your outside perspective.


I'm in a deep dilemma. I believe I've found someone and I'm beginning to falll for him, likewise he's feeling the same way too. We've been dating for about a month though we've known each other for 10 years but the connection then was just a greet or 'hello'. The problem is he does not know that I'm divorced. My marriage lasted 6 months and I don't have any children. I wanted to be honest and tell him the truth since we started dating but on the other hand I'm so afraid of losing him. How can I confess the truth to him without hurting him and yet make him accept who I am? When will be the most suitable time for that? I've failed in my first relationship and I don't want to be disappointed again. I'm so deeply in love with him.

Right, before I help with this penny ante bullshit you should probably tell me about your deep dilemma.
--Oh! you mean that was---Ha! seriously what's the--- Oh that really is it? Oh my God! why does nobody expect other people to have a history anymore?! 
People's lives don't start from the instant they meet 'the one'. (Nor do they end two months later when it all falls apart and they realise they weren't 'The one', but you'll get to learning that soon enough) Just freaking tell him! If you're really that nervous get him good and liquored up first. That way when he doesn't remember you can at least rationalise to yourself that you told him, and it'll stop your whining.


I don't know who to ask this to, I hope it doesn't sound too dumb. I'm 29, GWM, in California. I recently started dating this guy who I really like but he's kind of a nudist. He's 36, great job, great place and really handsome and caring. The first night I spent at his place, we had sex and it was great, then we both went to bed naked, I know lots of guys sleep naked, including me. But in the morning, when we got up he just went about his business nude, making coffee, some breakfast and everything without putting on anything. It's been like that every time we've gotten together. Even more so now when we're spending more time together. In the evenings sometimes he watches TV nude when I'm there. So is this normal? Am I just being a prude or what? It just bothers me because I wonder what is ok and what is not.
Thanks for any help you can give me.

Okay...wait...so you can go inside his naked body but you can' sit and watch TV next to his naked body?..Is that it? You are either a prude or a moron. Possibly both.


I wonder if you could advise about the repeated pattern below:
I am 50 [but guys say I look 40] no kids, divorced since 1981, never remarried, but have had one 7 year and one 5 year relationship. I'm a very independent professional of Mediterranean background. Thus I have a combination of modern [hippie era] and traditional values [Latino-Catholic].
But I seem to have the same pattern for all relationships: They court me, attract my interest, then after I am "won over" they forget about me and I'm 'stuck' emotionally until I withdraw or move on to lick my wounds. Then I start alll over again.
I have worked very hard on self-esteem and personal growth. But, still no improvement in guys that I'm attracting.
What gives?
How can I change things? ...it's all like a re-occurring nightmare! I'd love to have a man CARE for me in the way that I need to be cared for.
Hope to hear from you soon...

And I hope to never hear from you again. Considering you're independent and work very hard on your self-esteem...You're kinda a needy flake. Here's the problem--It's not the way you NEED to be cared for it's the way you WANT to be cared for. When you realise that then you might have the guts to turn away the first guy who says you only look 47 and wait for something better than the guys who want to check out JUST how effective his newly prescribed Viagra actually is.


Which are better, cats or dogs?

?! ---- Oh screw this noise! I'm outta here!

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