Thursday, 20 October 2011

20th October 2011

Don't worry folks, I am still hard at work on the reviews, too. But since I'm all but finished them, blind stinkin' drunk and don't have any step kids to beat I decided to vent my frustrations on this bunch of losers instead

Can anyone please advise me of how to get your website high in the search engines online with google etc without spending a fortune on paying someone who says they will do it and probably does not do it anyway?

Yes porn I sex suggest boobs you penis subtlety naked slip anal lots nip-slip of see-thru  commonly sexual searched nude words MILF into dogging every topless sentence strap-on that gangbang you furries write…Twilight saga.


is there another way of looking through the history on the computer if its been deleted normally?

i know you can delete it by going into internet options but im sure its still stored in the computer somehow....
does anyone know please?

Well if you searched for your porn on google they’re going to have a permanent record of everything that your ip address has searched for. Bear that in mind next time you consider knocking one out to your Yu-Gi-Oh! Rape Hentai


I was wondering - should I let my kids have ketchup? I try not to give it to them too often but some parents I know refuse to give their children any and I feel like the "bad mum".
I know I probably sound silly but I'm determined for my kids to have a healthy diet. Should I give it to them at all? Or limit it strictly? Or does it not matter? Thanks in advance for any help.

Fuck them! If anything they’re the bad mothers. Denying their children their God given right to ketchup. Your kids want a big ol’ plate of ketchup for dinner? That’s their choice. Ice cream for breakfast? Fuck yeah! Sugar coated lard for supper? Life’s all about freedom.
Your kids will think you’re the best damned mum on the planet…Well, right up until they die of heart disease at twelve, at least.


I am not long married and was virgin when I married as my husband was too or so I believed.

In our culture we do not commit sin of sex before marriage but I now understand that he has commited this sin.

I suspected this when we became intimate for first time. He was very knowledgable compared to me.

My suspicions were confirmed later. He has very high desire for intimacy and woman are taught to never deny unless for health reasons. When I was going through mensturation he suggested we try something different. He lay me down and entered my mouth and began to have intercourse with me this way. I became upset as this is sin and when I asked him to stop he did but he was upset and asked why I would not satisfy him this way. I reminded him that this was sin and he said we could pray for forgivness afterwards and that he enjoyed this as much as other intimacy.
I asked him when he had experienced this before. He confessed to having western girlfriend who he regularly had intercourse with daily. He had prayed for forgivness but has said he enjoys this so much he wants this from me.
We have tried since and to my horror he released himself into my mouth and asked that I do not spit this out but drink from him as western girlfriend did.
I am now feeling disgusted and hurt. I am constantly being compared to his girlfriend and how she did this willingly and embraced him differently.
He has bedded with sin and now wishes to bring this to me. I am fearful that I will lose the love of my husband if I do not satisfy him however this is now a daily request and everytime makes me feel ill. No children can be gained this way so why does he wish this from me other than animal satisfaction?

Errmmm, it’s probably because he knows no children can be gained this way…Oh! Also the animal satisfaction he gets from it!


Can anyone advise me something that men absolutely love during sex? I want to do something different to my boyfriend to the point where he wants to scream!



I work for a big insurance company as a claims advisor and I want to apply to become a TA (the deputy team leader) I'm filling out my application form and one of the questions I just have no idea what to say.
Before I was a advisor I worked in admin (not sure if that helps). The question is - Please give examples of occasions where you have had to use your own initiative, adapt to new situations and (or) shown willingness to learn. My team leader is on holiday so I can't ask her for any help and the deadline is tomorrow?
Can anyone give me a hint and what I could possibly write?

Oh dear god, please, please, please don’t be a troll! Please tell me you really had to write and ask for advice on what to say when asked for examples on using your initiative. It can be my birthday and Christmas presents rolled into one, for the next six years.


I have a problem regarding my driving instructor, and I'm quite worried about him. He is an elderly man, but still physically healthy and able to teach. However he constantly contradicts himself to the point where he seems like a completely different person each time I see him. For example, he first told me that he accidentally killed his wife whilst in the car, forgetting to put the breaks on. Then the next time I saw him, he denied saying these things and claimed she was still alive and well, and cooking him dinner that evening. These conflicting stories appear to alternate every time I see him. He also carries these sorts of contradictions regarding more minor subjects. Of course I do have the option of leaving him for a different driving instructor, but I am worried about how he would react if I did this. He doesn't seem mentally very well, and I don't feel like I can talk to anyone about it, and when I do they don't even believe me. I feel very alone and have started to worry myself sick before every driving lesson. Please help me.

Ha ha, congratulations. You’re the first star of my ‘punked’ style pilot. You see your driving instructor is actually a set of identical twins. I’ve been alternating which one I send round each week just to fuck with you.
The good news is one of them isn’t a crazed psychopath who ran down his wife in cold blood after she made him chicken sandwiches when he asked for turkey…I’m just not telling you which. Hope that makes you feel 50% safer in the car.

I’m afraid of being put down or judged when I’m being who I really am, I can tell myself that only my opinion matters but it doesn’t really help. My only friend went funny with me and I can’t help but think I did something wrong. I hate not being confident it makes me feel alone all the time, I want to feel included and actually have some fun, can you help me please?

No. No I can not. You’re blatantly quite boring, and only interested in your own opinion.


My best friend of many years is being bitchy to me and I am not sure why.I haven't seen her for a while as I am busy with work and her too.She has since got a new jos about two months ago and ever since is really up herself and is forever trying to put me down.We communicate throught text and we have a good laugh and joke usually daily but less since she started her new job but it wasn't until I text her asking her how she was that I realised she really is being bitchy .When she was very low and was unemployed I was always there for her and now she has her new job and another circle of friends she thinks she is forever putting me down.If she wants to chat and has a serious problem she always comes to me and I am there for her,but at the moment she has forgotten all this and is riding high and like I said her texts are nasty.Not quite sure how to deal with this ...

By facing facts. You have served your purpose and your friend has now shed your dead weight and moved on.


I am in a stable relationship and have been for two years however my partner hates my bestfriend who is male because of his social networking site profile because he acts hard to stop himself getting hurt - I know this but my partner doesnt so ive stayed in touch with him without my partner knowing until recently and he went nuts. I'm torn my best friend encouraged me to get with my boyfriend cause I was so scard of being hurt again and its worked out well but I miss him sometime I just need to talk or need a hug. Our relationship is so important to both of us yet my relationship with my partner also means so much. Can anyone help x

Holy crap! So you were seeing the guy that your partner hated behind his back, as opposed to actually talking to him about it outright and explaining the situation, and then it came back to bite you in the ass?
Who have thought it?! I can’t help with your current situation, but I can still offer my assistance. I’m sending you out a deck of tarot cards and a crystal ball, so at the very least, maybe next time something totally unforeseeable like this is gonna happen to you, you’ll be able to predict it.

Well i have four best friends they are called Emma, Imogen, Rosie and Phoebe, one of the girls (Phoebe) doesn't like my other best friends (Emma and Imogen) so they falling out over everything, Emma and Imogen called phoebe a friendship stealer and a liar. and me and my other best friend Rosie are all caught in the middle of this and its so annoying and stressful, and Phoebe is telling me and Rosie to pick between them and its so hard and it's not fair. Please help me.

Wait, I think I remember this from my GCSE’s: If Emma has three friends, but then Phoebe steals one, which one of them is a whiny immature bitch?
Of course it’s a trick question. You all are. Well? Did I pass?


Ok i will try and keep this simple
Started working for a company 6 months ago..i work in a small workshop with 2 other blokes, old miserable back stabbing 2 faced blokes...Well this pair rarely speak to me and i spoke to my mananger today and rather than address the issues these old gits have with me working there he suggested if a position comes up withing the company i should take it so i can get out of this im begining to feel my job is on the line here and im not happy...surely my manager should be dealing with this differently instead of trying to push me out of the equation just to keep the peace??...HELP

What the hell are you talking about? If they only say stuff behind your back I fail to see the problem. I mean an air of silent resentment has always filled the Dear Jimmy offices and that hasn’t had any effect on the site’s productivity.
…Isn’t that right half finished re-design of the site?

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